Monday, June 06, 2005

More On Creativity

I know I promised to write more on creativity, except I forgot what I was going to say . . . Geez, that seems to be happening to me a lot lately (nothing to do with my age, okay?). I did want to say that, IMO, creativity can become dormant, like an under-exercised muscle (I have a *lot* of those), and hey, dont' they turn to fat? Oh, great, I have *fat* creativity! But that means it can also be revived, toned up and operating smoothly again. I don't think it's ever completely lost . . . Sorry, I'm listening to the soundtrack from Phantom of the Opera, and I'm getting sidetracked--LOL. Anyway, some tips on creativity:

1) Trust in your creativity. Believe it's there, and will come through for you. (If you build it, they will come, etc.--and if you know what movie I'm quoting from, you're dating yourself!).

2) Don't be afraid to test your creativity, to push the boundaries of it. It's kind of like love--the more people you have to love in your life, the more love you have to give them! The more you stretch your creativity, the more it will respond. It's an amazing example of universal abundance.

3) Use your creative abilities often, hopefully every day.

4) Don't compare yourself, or your endeavors, to others. We all have our own ways of being creative. Yours is unique and should be encouraged to "do it's own thing". Comparisons can lead to negative thinking, and negativity is not condusive to creativity.

5) Celebrate your creativity and your creations! Be proud of the common birthright we all share--the ability to create.

6) To aid in the celebration, be sure to indulge in lots of chocolate (oh, yes, that's very *good* for creativity!)

I definitely need to print out this list and put it by my computer, since I'm guilty of feeling non-creative at times. So thanks for letting me post this reminder for all of us.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting about a *very* fun and creative book, A Connecticut Fashionista In King Arthur's Court, by Marianne Mancusi. Hope you'll check back then. ~ Catherine


Kristen Painter said...

I just bought ACFIKAC today! (That's a rather funny acronym if you start saying it out loud...)

Catherine Spangler said...

LOL! Well, it is a rather long title, but so far, a great book! ~ Catherine