Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A litle excitement in my life!

As you know, my life is rather bland and normal (okay, so anyone who writes a hero who's half reptile isn't completely normal, but you know what I mean). I guess it would be more accurate to say my life is rather ordinary. But I did have an exciting twenty-four hours a few weeks ago, right after my agent announced my two paranormal sales to Berkley on Publisher's Lunch. A movie production company contacted my agent, asking if the movie rights were available. They wanted to take a look. Roberta replied that we only had a proposal, and they wanted that e-mailed as soon as possible. Oh wow! A movie production company interested in my Sentinel series! With shaking fingers, I sent off the files. I had visions of getting "the Call" (a new and different type of Call). A "We want to option this story for a movie" Call. I was going to make a lot of money (yes, I know movie options can go for surprisingly low amounts), and garner movie credits and be Someone. It was really neat envisioning all this, and it made me feel validated, made all that hard work and hair tearing and head banging seem worthwhile. It was fabulously fun while it lasted. But alas, the very next day, I recieved a polite e-mail, praising the writing, but declining the idea. They said it was too complex to be turned into a movie concept. Deflate, deflate, deflate. Back to my ordinary life. Sigh. But hey, I'm contracted for two paranormal books (and have some more news I'll share in another blog). And you know, I believe I have a single glass slipper around here somewhere . . . I've got to believe the other one will show up sooner or later . . .

~ Catherine

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