Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Creativity is something that has always fascinated me. It's intangible (although the results are often very concrete), hard to define, see, or measure. It can also be very difficult to tap into at will or channel it, and it often has a mind of its own. Yet it drives all our creative endeavors and affects many aspects of our lives. Over the years, my creativity has run "hot and cold", but I'm convinced of two things:

1) *All* human beings are creative in one way or another. Our creativity might be expressed in different ways (art, music, writing, acting, gardening, decorating, raising children, politics, architecture, medicine, science, sports, etc.-the list is endless), *but* we each have a well of creativity inside us. I believe this creativity is the part of us, along with the soul, that most mirrors God/ Goddess/ Creator/ Supreme Being (pick your own label), just as I personally believe we are all co-creators with our God/ Goddess/ Creator/ Supreme Being, to some extent.

2) We never lose that creativity. It might atrophy and become dormant, but it's always there inside us, and it can be awakened at any time in our lives.

Good thing, too. I've found my own creativity waning over the years. The publishing business is tough (make that *grueling*) and often discouraging (tell you something new, right?). So many aspects of the business are out of our control. Add life in general to the mix, and the creativity can be driven back into the dark recesses of the psyche, seemingly lost in the mad rush of living and surviving. I've got some thoughts about that, too (hey, I'm a writer!). Next blog, hopefully in the near future, I'll discuss creativity some more.

Have a great Wednesday! ~ Catherine

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The "Big Girls" are coming out to play!

Yep, I know I started my blog site four months ago. Yep, I know I haven't posted anything since. But I've always been a slow starter :-) Anyway, now that I'm going to be part of an ultra-cool blogging circuit with some fabulous paranormal romance authors and mega-agent Deidre Knight, I guess I'd better start posting on a regular basis. And who might these fabulous authors be (I'm sure *someone* wants to know!)? They include C.J. Barry, Robin D. Owens, Gena Showalter, Jaci Burton, Marianne Mancusi, MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight, and Morgan Hawke, with more to come. Wow! I'm playing with the "big girls" of the paranormal romance genre (what the heck am I doing in this group???). We're going to talk up the industry and tell the world about our books and have an awesome time. So check in often. Very often! Very, very often! I'll be posting again soon.

~ Catherine