Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol

I'll admit it--I'm "semi-hooked" on American Idol. Personally, I don't like the preliminary part, where they show the really bad performers and Simon slashes them to shreds. I guess I'm just too soft-hearted for that. But after the "chosen ones" go to Hollywood, and it gets narrowed down to 12 guys and 12 girls, then I like to watch. I'm wowed by the talent and poise of most of these Idol contenders (especially since I'm not known for my singing). Then I'm glued to the set when they perform, sometimes shaking my head over the judges'comments. But I don't watch the vote-off show (again, too soft hearted). Instead, I check the news the next day. I will however, watch the crowning of the American Idol winner show (even though I always feel sorry for the loser--I'm such a wimp!).

So who do I think will win this year? Well, I don't always trust the voters to pick the most talented singers. Point in case: I think Mandisa was one of the most talented singers there, and she got voted off pretty early. We sometimes tend to vote for reasons other than pure talent (she's cute, he's hot, she's from Texas, etc.). That said, who do I think should walk tonight (May 3)? Honestly, of those who are left, I feel Taylor is the weakest. He's cute and Mr. Personality and has a nice little rasp to his voice, but he's just not as talented. I do think there's a possibility that Paris will be voted off instead tonight, although I think she's extremely talented.

My pick for the final three Idol contestants: Katherine, Chris, Elliot.

I'll tell you who my favorite is next week.

Until then, happy Idol watching. And happy reading!

~ Catherine

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