Wednesday, May 17, 2006

American Idol Blues

Okay, I've been watching American Idol every week. And to be honest, I haven't been able to get as fired up about these contestants as I have in the past. None have them have been consistently good like some of the previous Idols (Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, and Carrie Underwood were steady throughout). That said, I think Katharine has been getting the bad end of the deal. Is it just me, or have the judges been really hard on her, even when she's done a great performance? I thought all three of her performances last night (May 16) were great (as did my husband and a friend who's an avid "Idoler"). And yet the only one any of the three judges liked was "Over the Rainbow" (which I agree was absolutely spectacular). I've seen this pattern of criticizing Kat in earlier shows this season as well. Conversely, I've seen the judges praise other performances that just didn't do it for me. Of course, judging is always subjective and in this case, is probably colored by the personal relationships the judges share with the contestants. But still.

I think the final two contestants should have been Chris and Kat. But I'm afraid we're going to end up with Elliot and Taylor facing off. Don't get me wrong--they're great singers and appear to be nice guys. But in my opinion, Kat has the most talent and the best voice. And if she gets voted off tonight, some of the blame will go to the judges, for probably influencing the vote with their comments.

We'll see if my prediction comes true. I hope I'm wrong.

And when you're not watching American Idol, happy reading!

~ Catherine

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Anonymous said...

I thought Chris was phenomenal. I also thought Elliot had a great voice. Kat's problem wasn't her voice so much as her lack of fire. She'd be great on broadway, but I wouldn't have paid to see her in concert. Don't know what the appeal was to vote for Taylor, IMHO he was no more than a Vegas lounge lizzard. He will probably go the way of Rueben who we don't hear much from. Notice they brought back Clay rather than Rueben in the finale.