Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another book -- by a "Master"

Hey all, I'm in the middle of MASTER OF THE MOON by Angela Knight. Really cool book! Angela is amazing in that she combines futuristic, paranormal, fantasy, and erotic romance into a unique blend and adds great world building and storytelling ability, and produces fabulous stories. Master of the Moon is the second book in her new series, and it caught my attention right off. The hero, Llyr Galatyn, just happens to be the king of the fairies, and the heroine just happens to be a werewolf imbued with magical powers from none other than the great Merlin. Add a powerful vampire witch who enjoys torturing and murdering people, and Llyr's evil, jealous brother into the mix, and you have an amazing story. Here's more on the book:

MASTER OF THE MOON by Angela Knight
(Berkley Sensation, May 2005)

Diana London works hard in her day job as the city manager of a small South Carolina town. Yet she still finds time to moonlight for the Verdaville Police Department.

As a werewolf.

But while helping the police investigate a brutal murder, Diana discovers she’s not the only magical creature in town. A female vampire has also decided to make Verdaville her murderous playground. What’s worse, she has powers even Diana can’t match.

Fortunately, Diana is not the only one determined to stop her. Llyr Galatyn is the king of the Cachamwri Sidhe – a seductive otherworldly warrior with fantastic abilities. He’s sworn to hunt down the murderer, and he’s more than willing to give Diana any help she needs.

And not just with the case. Diana is in her Burning Moon, a time of sexual heat, when need rides her hard. Llyr is delighted to be the answer to her erotic prayers.

But as they hunt the vampire while desire runs hot between them, a deadly enemy urges the killer to turn her sights on Llyr. It seems Llyr isn’t the only king of the Sidhe – and his brother wants him dead.



Angela Knight's first book was written in pencil and illustrated in crayon; she was nine years old at the time. But her mother was enthralled, and Angela was hooked. In the years that followed, Angela managed to figure out a way to make a living -- more or less -- at what she loved best: writing. After a short career as a comic book writer, she became a newspaper reporter, covering everything from school board meetings to murders. Several of her stories won South Carolina Press Association awards under her real name. For more of Angela’s interesting bio, visit her website:

~ Catherine

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