Saturday, July 07, 2007


I sold another book! It’s the third book in the Sentinel Series, and is titled Touched by Light. It’s Adam and Julia’s story. You’ll get to meet them in Touched by Fire (out in October). There’s also a teaser from Touched by Light in the back of TBF.

Even after seven books, and a novella, a sale is always exciting. Not the screaming out loud, calling-everyone-you-know-even-your-best-friend’s-dog, drinking champagne from cowboy-boot mugs (okay, so I’m a little strange) kind of excitement. But it’s still very cool. And it keeps me in the writing game. Nothing like a contract hanging over your head to glue you to the computer 

So please feel free to celebrate on my behalf. Glass of wine, some chocolate, a trip to your favorite bookstore—whatever makes you happy. And have a fabulous weekend!

~ Catherine

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Barbara Elness said...

Congratulations! I've enjoyed every book in your Shielder series and expect to enjoy the Sentinal series just as much.